Design & Tech Conference

- de school, amsterdam

About Segue16

A one-day, single track conference for mobile app designers, both aspiring and experienced. A full day on new mobile technologies that influence your design process. Learn about new and upcoming design related trends in iOS, Android, mobile web, accessibility, new navigation structures, responsive/adaptive app design, and new hardware (im)possibilities.


  1. Doors open
  2. Opening
  3. Think Different: Android vs iOS design approaches — Thijs Suijten
    Do iOS and Android need a different design approach? To what extent do OS guidelines enforce differences in designs?
  4. From Sketch to Xcode — Tom Lokhorst
    Watch first-hand all the steps that a mobile developer goes through to bring a design to life.
  5. Coffee Break
  6. Mobile navigation concepts — Bram Stege
    Navigation structures can make or break an app. What are the best (emerging) patterns, and what are pitfalls?
  7. What's new in Android and iOS — Mathijs Kadijk
    A rundown of the key recent new frameworks, hardware and features of both Android and iOS. How do they inform the design process?
  8. Designing for sensors and connected devices — Jimmy Aupperlee
    Design is starting to go well beyond the screen. How do sensors and connected devices work, and what does that mean for designing cutting edge user experiences?
  9. Lunch
  10. Panel discussion: How to keep your team collaborating, happy and productive — Holly Habstritt Gaal
    A fireside chat exploring the complex relationship between design and development.
  11. Inclusive design for mobile — Johan Huijkman
    Accessibility used to be both near-impossible and mostly ignored on mobile. No more: laws are stricter, users are more vocal, and tools have come a long way. This talk goes through design for inclusion from the ground up.
  12. Making sense: Designing with haptics — Guido Bouman
    On recent mobile hardware you can custom-design how your app feels, in a literal way. We'll go through why and how.
  13. Near, far, wherever you are — Jeroen Gijsman
    Beacons for location detection at many scales. Does it finally work? What are best practices and limitations for design?
  14. Designing for Apple Watch — Mathijs Kadijk
    The unique challenges of designing for a tiny display that's hardly interactive
  15. Lemonade Break
  16. Alternatives for native apps: the status quo — Roelf-Jan de Vries
    Frameworks that promise to decrease development time, increase reuse and bridge the gap between native and the web: Progressive Web Apps, Phonegap, React Native, Xamarin. Are they ready for prime time?
  17. The Artist as Critic — Jasper Hauser
    Taking the long view on mobile development from a product strategy perspective, Jasper shares his viewpoint on successful app development from his experience at Facebook.
  18. Close
  19. Drinks